Mountain Top Country Meats is dedicated to making delicious food from locally-raised, natural products, including a full array of smoked and cured meats.  Among our many offerings, we specialize in:

Custom Butcher Services:  Whether you hunt game or raise your own animals, we can butcher, smoke, cure and package to meet your needs.

Animal Buying Program:  We work with local farmers to offer you an animal buying program for beef, pork, and lamb, in which you purchase a minimum percentage of the live animal and customize the way the animal is cut, smoked, and packaged from us.

Catering Services:  Special event?  Not only can we bring the awesome flavor of smoked and barbecued meats to your next party, but we also offer pig roasts…and so much more!


Mike Dolle, owner and lead butcher, is a western Massachusetts native. Throughout his youth, he spent summers at his grandparents’ farm, where he learned many things about growing good food, including the importance of raising animals with respect. Mike’s passion is to bring great food to the people in his community — and your family!